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BR&CFRemember me Forgot your username? Forgot your password? Click here to register! Providing Job Income Protection for U.S. and Canadian Railroaders Since 1912 Apply for Benefits The applications below will allow you to submit your documents electronically. If you have a smart phone there is an upload feature. Providing Job Income Protection for U.S. and Canadian Railroaders Since 1912 Dues Rates & Benefit Schedule Dues Rates Daily Benefit Level Monthly Dues Rate $80 $36.00 $100 $45.00 $120 $54.00 $150 $67.50 $180 $81.00. Job Income Protection The primary benefit of BR&CF membership is income protection for members when “Held Out of Service” due to suspension or discharge for an eligible occurrence. The tables below reflect the monthly dues rate by benefit level and days of. Cognito Forms.

Super Christmas Special! Join now for 13 months for only $29! This special has been extended through New Year's Day We only run a special once a year and this will be it. That is. If you need assistance during business hours please call our office – we are more than happy to assist you! Please only use the “Contact Us” Form below for general inquiries during our non-business hours. Contact Us – General. 2009/07/02 · I've never heard of anyone having to pay back job insurance if they won their case on appeal an I've been out here 32 years. I have heard of paying back railroad unemployment/sick benefits for both discipline an injuries if an appeals. Your Home for Job Insurance Protection As a railroad or transportation worker you’ve seen the financial hardship that occurs when workers are put out of service due to job discipline. Even when you are doing your job right, there is.

2007/09/29 · What are the different Railroad Job Insurance Protection companies out there? I was curious how many job insurance companies are out there for Railroad Employees. The coverage Im referring to in the insurance you pay for and collect when you get into trouble at work. If your application is approved, your membership will be made effective the 1st day of the succeeding month, or upon successful completion of your new-hire probationary period, whichever occurs later. A dues payment is not required.

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